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Freefly Virtual Reality Headset for smartphones

Team starts communicating

Freefly VR is not about escaping reality – it is about sharing new realities with others.
With its full black out casing and headphone access, the Freefly VR is a joy to use with apps like vTime, where you can meet, chat and interact with friends and make some new ones in amazing locations such as under the ocean or over a bottle of champagne in the heart of Tuscany.

Watch this couple freak out at a VR exhibition using the Freefly VR headset whilst watch 11:57 the scariest VR video you will ever see. Keep watching until the end.

The couple are seeing only one image, not two. The tall chap on the right sticks it out until the end…saying ” No..No! No! …”

It’s very amusing and they deserve a medal for this performance 

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