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So what does it all mean? Today's small businesses are overwhelmed with the constant need to innovate and create means to get noticed.  Employing all the right skill sets and staff can be costly and time-consuming. The best way is to outsource as many functions as you can and also automate as many procedures as you can. This means buying tools, subscribing to services or just having someone in the industry come into your office and analyse what is going on and what is needed..

This can be costly if you don't know what you want  we suggest you use us on a DAILY basis.  Pricing can be structured and restructured to suit your needs and circumstances. Maybe you just need to get on top of EMAIL AUTOMATION, maybe you just need to set up all your social media accounts or maybe you need a complete assessment of what you are currently doing. In that case, we suggest our £600 REPORT

Hourly Rate

£ 52
/ Per Hour
  • Our Daily Rate is * £52.50 Use this rate if you don't know how many hours or days you want our services. The EFFECTIVE DAILY rate is £420 which is 40% mark up on the half day rate.
  • 8 hour discovery
  • Interview Staff
  • Assess Current Skills
  • Possible Outcomes

Daily Rate

£ 256 / Per Day
  • Our DAY base rate is *£256. This is 8 hours Use this if you don't know how many days you want to use our service..The EFFECTIVE daily rate is £256.
  • Blog Design
  • Social Media Setup
  • Facebook setup
  • Linked In Setup

Weekly Rate

£ 1152 / Per Week
  • The weekly rate is *£1,152. This is a contracted week based on the daily rate of £256 x5 working days and a10% discount applied. The EFFECTIVE daily rate is £230
  • 40 Hours Analysis
  • Interview Staff
  • Identify Skills Strengths
  • Create Marketing System
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Monthly Rate

£ 4300 / Per month
  • The monthly rate is *£4,300. This is a contracted continuous 28 days based on the daily rate x 28 days which would be £7,168, we then apply a 40% discount. Effective daily rate £153.57
  • Business Analysis
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
  • Report On Assets
  • Introduce Systems

FAQ About Pricing

Is the Daily Rate flexible?

Some companies contract us for two or three months at three days per week using the £256 daily rate. In a four-week period, the rate would be £2,043 ( 8 x £256.) This allows for changes in procedures to take effect and allow departments to catch up and discuss without us being present.

Is the payment subject to UK VAT?

 All work is subject to UK VAT and payable every four weeks or at the end of the work if it is less than four weeks. Payment can only be by BACS or Faster Payments. In certain cases, depending on the company an advance part payment may be requested.

Is a workplan set up?

Yes. Once a timescale has been agreed on, then we break down the tasks for your staff and ourselves, with set objectives of time and process. We use Smartsheets which everyone can share on their smartphone tablet or desktop. This way images,text, files, links or videos can be shared, discussed and approved and completed. As the Boss, Founder or Manager you will always be in the loop.


How Can I Manage the Cost?

It’s less expensive when you decide on a time frame or project. If you approach this with an uncertain goal in mind then the daily rate is the most expensive. If you have a idea of the objective, the time it will take and the results expected then it will work out cheaper. We will use Smartsheet, Basecamp or Jira to manage and report the work in progress. All work is subject to UK VAT and payable every four weeks or at the end of the work if it is less than four weeks. 

Pricing Logic ?

Our prices are worked out on a time basis, they are flexible as we know projects cannot forsee umknown distractions and “rabbit warrens”. The longer we are committed to you the cheaper it is. Our effective daily and hourly rate becomes less the longer the commitment.  Here are our prices in PDF format.

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